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Hello awesome schools! Sammy welcomes you to join our impactful mission. By simply filling out the form below, your school can become an integral part of our initiatives. Engage in meaningful contributions such as clothing recycling, educating little superheroes about good causes, and raising funds for your school’s needs.

Our representative will be in touch to guide you through the easy process. Together, let's create positive change in the world!

Join the project

How to participate

We pay £1 per kilo

Join Sammy’s project

It's FREE to join! Complete the registration form below and a member of Sammy's team will be in touch with you shortly. Following this, your school will receive 300 packs containing leaflets about Sammy’s project and charity, along with charity bags, stickers, posters and instruction booklet – everything you need for clothing collection!

Distribute and fill bags

Distribute these packs among the parents to familiarise them with a project. Reward children with stickers when they bring in bags of clothes. Also, don’t forget about the competition (see the leaflet below the form)!

Book collection

Once the bags of clothes are collected, go to our website and book collection or email, or call us. Your school will be added to the collection route when the driver is in the area. You'll receive an email confirming the collection day.

Receive the payment

We pay £1 per kilo to schools of collected clothes! Once all bags collected and weighed, you'll receive a payment via a bank transfer within 3-5 working days. Your school will also receive a certificate from the charity Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK, showcasing your school's contribution to the charity. You will receive another batch of 300 packs. If needed, additional packs can be requested!


Collect more clothes in 6 months than any other participating school to win our competition. Download the leaflet for more information.

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